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An invitation to discover the company’s blog

Led is now available to the general public, and in parallel, its technology never stop to evolve rapidly…

In order to maintain its technologic cutting edge, the Alliance Led research unit inquires about all of its news so as to offer to its clients an expert assessment and advice adapted to any application using the led.

As a consequence, it is with pleasure that we have launched our blog, this new way to communicate will provide more interactivity and richness in our dialogue.

This blog is made for you…

  • To give you advice on led purchases
  • Satisfy your curiosity on led history and technology and its functioning
  • To pick a led lighting in the professional area or in a house/apartment
  • To help you creating a product using led with the help of video tutorials

The blog does not stop here…

Our team wishes to share to its clients, but also to a wide public, all the advantages that can bring this new way of lighting, more budget-friendly and eco-friendly that we find in every business sectors and our daily life.

Shortly, new tools will be available.

About the Author: Valérie REBEYROL