Alliance Led brings light to the AQUA exhibition at the Gallo-Roman museum in Lyon

Highlighting work of arts and atmosphere lighting

Lighting in museums and galleries is here to obtain the perfect balance between environment quality and needed energy consumption for the installation lifespan. The LED technology is perfectly adapted for this role.

It is here to guide visitors: catch the eye on art without misrepresenting colors (led products with a CRI (color rendering index) >80 or 90).

The atmosphere in a museum is here to play with colors, shadows and lights in order to add fun to the visits.

“The AQUA exhibition – Romans’ Invention gathers a presentation of archeological objects, models, reconstitutions, videos and photographs. From the source to the evacuation, the exhibition introduces the water cycle and its uses back in the Roman era, confronted to our use today. An engraving selection and a photographs exhibition by Philippe Schuller dedicated to the Aqueduc du Gier (Water Memory) remind us the importance that still holds today works from the Antiquity).”

Discover the new AQUA exhibition at the Gallo-Roman museum in Lyon from the 8th of November to the 6th of May 2018.

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Photos copyright: Inclusit Design

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About the Author: Valérie REBEYROL