Formation: a transfer of knowledge

Formation on the LED technology

Because it is a new technology and because the notion of lighting has now been widen from pure quantitative technical to the lighting qualitative aspects such as comfort and atmosphere or health and environmental issues, the need to upgrade of the savoir-faire and skills from construction and design professionals’ that have to go together with this advanced technology.

New possibilities that LED lighting offer demands in return to the professionals that work daily for its installation and its maintenance, a personal investment and an obligation not only to adapt to a technological change but also to rediscover a field too often judged subsidiary. There is no room for improvisation if we want to make a maximum profit from LED lighting capacities, the choice of an adapted product to a given location and to a precise use call for knowing perfectly the entire range of products and to keep up-to-date our knowledge thanks to a rigorous technological development.

The formation is not only for electricians but also for every one of our clients willing to apprehend in its entirety the prism of possible fields by the fall of the technical barriers. Project manager will thus have the opportunity to see in its entirety the mean to coordinate the workers teams on this specific issue and to update a knowledge folder most of the time consequent. Architects and designers will have the opportunity to considerate from then on a technical constraint like a new artistic medium since the miniaturization of systems and the flexibility of use has greatly improved in the last few years.

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