A customized offer: a custom-made LED ribbon production

You are looking for custom-made LED ribbon? Just give us the measures, we’re on it!

There is no critical size for your needs; we can personalize the request to give to each one of our clients.

In its premises in Saint-Etienne, Alliance Led has its own design office and its own production workshop to create a suitable cutting and supply for a product ready to be installed in a professional or private individual home.

Regarding the LED ribbon assembly:

  • For the outdoors ribbon IP65, we create junctions between the ribbon sections with waterproof connectors.
  • For works that require some discretion (shelves, furniture, etc.) we opt for plug connectors.
  • For both cases, connections are reinforced with thermo retractable sheath to guarantee both waterproofness and connection solidity.

Need more information regarding ribbon LED?

You can read our article on our blog LED CUSTOM MADE.

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