Lighting masts

Alliance Led in the “Heart of the City”

As part of the operation “heart of the city” that especially targeted the renovation of the Place Hotel de Ville in an offer where design would be in the center of the dispositive, the Saint-Etienne city’s choice was Alliance Led to equip lighting matting with adapted material and followed its advice so that its plastic function in the urban area does not happen to the detriment of a lighting need, necessary for the citizens’ safety.

In agreement with environmental and economic issues that were used as a common theme for this project, the choice of led lighting was a natural decision to fill the internal structure of the 27 light matting because of its lighting potential, the exceptional lifespan of its devices and the minimum maintenance that it requires.

Composed of metal and glass, luminous matting are made for a use combining the pleasant and the useful, both lighting and decorative tool, in agreement with the other steel construction series installed on the other side of the square. In harmony with the city’s industrial past, the use of these materials refers to the entirety of the “Heart of the city” project in an additional union between glass and steel. The choice of dominant colors; orange referring to the mining and industrial past, and blue referring to the Furan, a river which steam is no longer noticeable in Saint-Etienne. Randomly installed on one the square side, they reflect the daytime light by giving it 1,000 shades whereas during the night, their Led lighting answer its first requirement by adding a plastic touch to the whole.

Conceived close to Saint-Etienne, their metallic structure has been created by a group of companies from the Mécaloire network, the production and the work of glass are the fruits of the collaboration of the Emmanuel Barrois workshops, master glassmaker in Brioudes and the Saint-Just glass factory.

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