Lighting for landscapers and pools

Garden and surrounding areas of a pool become new living spaces

Would you like to enjoy sunny days?

Would you like to bring out flower planting, light a path or stairs, a terrace, give emphasis to trees, create an atmosphere and enhance your pool?

LED lighting has no limit for lighting all of your inspirations to reinforce the aesthetic aspect of a garden while bringing a luminous comfort.

Moreover, synonym of safety, a good lighting brings a reassuring effect for the owners of a house or apartment.

Besides its added value on aestheticism, LED lighting has numerous advantages: energy saving, reduction of maintenance costs and of course respect of the environment.

Thus, Alliance Led offers a wide range of led products weatherproof, impact and any other foreign bodies resistant that could damage your devices.

Since the Light is our job, do not hesitate to contact us so that we can study together your exterior arrangement projects. You will benefit from useful advice on adapted products and our professionals network that will take in charge the installation of it.

See: Saint-Etienne City Hall Patio

Here are some examples of LED products adapted to the exterior arrangement and for pools:



       Wall Spot Integrated Floor Spot  Extra-flat Spotlight    Pools Windows Submersible Ribbon
Color: Neutral white Cold white Neutral white
4000 K
Cold white

7000 K

Supply: 240 VAC 240 VAC 100-240 VAC 12 V – AC/DC 24 V
Luminous flux: 900 lm x2 150 lm from 700 to
4250 lm
1100 lm 110 lm
Protection rating: 65 67 65 68 68
IK Rate : 07 08 07 or  08
Other info: Top and bottom lighting Diffusion angle 45/35° With or without sensor Diffusion angle
Diffusion angle

For other color temperatures, tensions, supply, angles, RGB (3-in-1 colors): contact us.

Other products: do not hesitate to download our catalogue