LED Lighting for kitchen designers

LED for professional kitchens

In a kitchen, the lighting must be abundant (500 lux) and multiple so as to dodge cast shadows: wall lights above stoves, sinks, countertops. However, the lighting must not blind the cooker on his countertop.

In a professional kitchen, we have to face steam, smoke and different grease splashes. So as to dodge the infiltration of these dusts and water and to guarantee a better cleaning with a high-capacity jet of water, you have to favor waterproof lamps with a 63 IP code as minimum to guarantee a maximum safety.

Warning: the lighting must not modify the colors of the meals, so that they are not altered. You then must have a CRI higher than 80 and a color temperature of 4,000K. A led lighting with a neutral white color temperature is then adapted on the serving hatch or the countertop for instance.

On the left: Halogen – On the right: neutral white led 4,000K and CRI>80


European standards for lighting in working places

Visual ergonomic that can be sued in working places

LED for private individual kitchen

Lighting in a kitchen is an integral part of the interior decoration while respecting a luminous comfort for the entire family.

A general direct lighting of the kitchen is recommended. The led roof integrated spots multiply luminous sources and limit the cast shadows. We can also choose the direction of these spots with a rotating body, made of brushed aluminum for a sort of decorative effect or white for a discreet effect. For GU10 or GU 5.3 lamps, a neutral white color temperature 4,000K and from 500 to 800 lumens/m² (lux) provides a sufficient light.

Small integrated spots extra-flat, small led slabs or profile ribbons are also recommended for back-up lighting above countertops. They are especially conceived to be integrated in the different kitchen parts with discretion. However, the meals and ingredients colors need to be faithful to the reality. We then advice you to use a led lighting with a CRI superior to 80 and a color temperature of 4,000K. A LED lighting with a neutral white color temperature is then adapted. In parallel, this lighting will provide a luminous comfort to the cooker without him being blinded.

Keep in mind that the led technology is the only one who can provide that luminous comfort.

For the close by dining area, we can choose a warm color temperature (3,000K) that will bring warmness. And why not installing a temperature dimmer that will be able to modify during family dinner or one-to-one dinner…

Always in a trendy way, led globe lamps can be hanged at a low level at the bar corner.

Different atmospheres and led light types are available; you just need to adjust them to your liking and needs.

Integrated with a diffusion angle of 60° on the wall and integrated adjustable spots in the ceiling.

Integrated ceiling with discrete white body with neutral white lamps.

Warm white led ribbons for an indirect lighting and led ribbons inside profiles on measure above a countertop in neutral white. Mini slabs extra-flat integrated in the upper furniture