LED for sign makers

Would you like to bring out your client’s sign?

Alliance Led, light specialist, is a daily partner of sign makers that seek new technical solutions and better prices.

A shop front window is an essential tool to communicate. It is the latter that will catch the eye and make clients willing to come inside.

As well as a tempting visibility, the owner will enjoy LED advantages: lower charges due to a low energy cost but also a low maintenance cost.

We offer you an on-measure service:

  • Cutting, welding, ribbon wiring,
  • Specific profile dimensions and equipment with adapted ribbons (choice of colors, powers…),
  • Plug connectors,
  • Expert advice


Led ribbon example:

Front window with Néonflex Led ribbon

Top of range, environment-friendly, 100% unbreakable, IP 67 isolated, UV resistant, PVC sheath.

Neon effect with high luminosity, uniform view, no led or black spots.

Flexible, pliable to 8cm circle of diameter

Power: 12W

Available in warm white, neutral white, cold white, yellow, blue, green, red, orange, lemon yellow, pink, purple.

Sign with an aluminum bow with led modules in the background to highlight the letters cutting and 2 integrated spots underneath.

COMETA sign with RGB LED.

For more information, please contact our research unit: contact@alliance-led.com

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