Commercial Arrangement Led

The commercial lighting trend: the Dynamic Shop Lighting

Today, it is not enough to put the products on the spotlight or a display but rather create an atmosphere outside and inside of the shop that will carry the brand identity and that will differentiate it from the competition and then provoke the desire to buy.

The art of bringing out commercialized products while respecting their nature: butcher’s, bakery, fruit and vegetable shop, hairdresser, esthetics, luxury products, leather goods, jewelry, etc. (CRI>90, a color rendering index, that will give to the products their original colors).

Save money on electricity and maintenance charges thanks to the LED lights lifespan longer than traditional lamps’.

Stores lighting becomes smart… with a simple remote control, we can change the luminosity as well as the color temperature according to the different seasons for instance and thus change the decorative effect all year long with no extra cost.

Since the Light is our job, do not hesitate contacting us so that we can study together your arrangement projects. You will benefit from useful advice on adapted products and our professionals network that will take in charge the installation of it.


Hotel SOFITEL in Lyon

The indirect led lighting can bring out a specific element of the architecture and create a peaceful atmosphere in the room

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Bar Shelf for the chef Jean Sulpice of the Hostel Père Bise in Talloires (69)

When the led highlights the shelf compartments in order to enhance the products of chef in his hostel.

Realization: Volpon Cabinetmaker-Designer

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Text Styl’Event

Highlighting the products in the shop while providing a luminous and pleasant atmosphere.


Jeweler’s craft Philippe Tournaire

Highlighting piece of jewelry with an adapted LED lighting to the material nature and to the gemstones colors.


Wooden display stand and led ribbon to embellish a company’s hall.

Signage and decorative, the led can help you to use noble material such as the wood.

Creation: ©UNIT EVENEMENTS and realization ©AFFAIRES A SUIVRE

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